Mom Hacks

April 6, 2017

You’ve all seen the buzz feed hacks to life.  Well we are here to give you our BEST kept secrets of Moms of Decatur!  That’s right, all the things that can make your life a little easier when raising little ones in the Decatur area! 

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Kroger ClickList Experience

March 14, 2017

Come chat with us as we dive into topics all about being a mom!  We will cover our favorite things in our community to mom hacks to make your life easier!  Between Carol and Bailey, they have 6 kids spanning ages 4 to 31 years!  Yes, we haven't slept in a LONG time - that is why we will be caffeinating ourselves during every episode.  While you could say we are experts on this parenting gig - we are here to tell you .... no one is an expert!